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Feb 2, 2024

Car 54 Where Are You (1994)
Directed by Bill Fishman
Written by Erik Tarloff, Ebbe Roe Smith, Peter McCarthy, Peter Crabbe
Release Date January 28th, 1994

"In New York City, two cops, Gunther Toody (David Johansen) and Francis Muldoon (John C. McGinley), are tasked with guarding Herbert Hortz (Jeremy Piven). A witness who's due to testify in an organized crime case, Hortz has damning information about mobster Don Motti (Daniel Baldwin). In this film inspired by the 1960s television series, Toody and Muldoon are polar opposites -- one is a wild man, the other follows all the rules -- who end up in several tense, if extremely goofy, situations."