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May 28, 2024

Cops and Robberson's
Directed by Michael Ritchie
Written by Bernie Somers
Starring Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Diane Wiest
Release Date April 15th, 1994

Tough-guy police officer Jake Stone (Jack Palance) and his less seasoned partner, Tony Moore (David Barry Gray), are intent on taking down Osborn (Robert Davi), a ruthless criminal. However, since Osborn is holed up in the suburbs, Jake and Tony must hold their stakeout in a neighboring house, home to the Robbersons. The well-meaning family, including patriarch Norman (Chevy Chase), tries to assist the cops in their duties, but it proves to be unwanted help

The Crow (1994)
Directed by Alex Proyas
Written by David J. Schow, John Shirley
Starring Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, Michael Wincott
Release Date May 13th, 1994

The night before his wedding, musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are brutally murdered by members of a violent inner-city gang. On the anniversary of their death, Eric rises from the grave and assumes the gothic mantle of the Crow, a supernatural avenger. Tracking down the thugs responsible for the crimes and mercilessly murdering them, Eric eventually confronts head gangster Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) to complete his macabre