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Dec 29, 2022

New Movies:

The Whale - A reclusive English teacher attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.


Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody - A joyous, emotional, heartbreaking celebration of the life and music of Whitney Houston, one of the greatest female R&B pop vocalists of all time, tracking her...

Dec 20, 2022

New Movies:

Gimme Some Truth: Nelly and Nadine - Nelly and Nadine is the unlikely love story between two women falling in love on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. For many years their relationship was kept a secret.


Avatar: The Way of Water- Jake Sully lives with his newfound family formed...

Dec 17, 2022

New Movies:

Christmas Bloody Christmas - It's Christmas Eve and Tori just wants to get drunk and party, but when a robotic Santa Claus at a nearby toy store goes haywire and begins a rampant killing spree through her small town, she's forced into a battle for survival.

Decision to Leave - A detective investigating...

Dec 6, 2022

New Movies:

Darby and the Dead - Follows Darby Harper, who is granted the ability to see ghosts after suffering a near death experience in her childhood. Then, she runs a side business counseling local spirits in her spare time.

After Yang - In a near future, a family reckons with questions of love, connection, and loss...

Nov 30, 2022

New Movies:

The Menu - A young couple travels to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - Famed Southern detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece for his latest case.

She Said - New York Times reporters...