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Aug 24, 2021

New Movies:

The Night House - A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband's disturbing secrets.

The Protege - Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world's most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.

Annette - A stand-up comedian and his opera singer wife have a 2 year old daughter with a surprising gift.


Habit - A street smart party girl gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by masquerading as a Nun.

Demonic - A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.

Reminiscence - Nick Bannister, a private investigator of the mind, navigates the alluring world of the past when his life is changed by new client Mae. A simple case becomes an obsession after she disappears and he fights to learn the truth about her.

Undisputed Classic

Klute - A small-town detective searching for a missing man has only one lead: a connection with a New York prostitute.



Barton Fink, Dead Again, Defenseless, Harley Davison and the Marlboro Man, Showdown in Little Tokyo

Next Week - Candyman, He’s All That, Vacation Friends, The Colony
Classic - Candyman
1991 - Child’s Play 3, Delicatessen,