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Oct 31, 2023

Introduction: Welcome, movie lovers, to another captivating episode of "Everyone is a Critic." In Episode 597, we've got a diverse lineup of movies to discuss, from a historical drama in "Killers of the Flower Moon" to the musical comedy "Dicks the Musical," the thriller "Freelance," and the horror adaptation "Five Nights at Freddy's." We'll also dive into the classic "After Hours" in our Undisputed Classic segment and reveal our top five Scorsese films. As a bonus, we'll take a nostalgic trip back to 1993 with reviews of "Nightmare Before Christmas," "Rudy," and "Fatal Instinct." Stick around for a sneak peek into next week's episode, featuring "Priscilla," "The Marsh King's Daughter," and the rom-com "What Happens Later." Hulu's "Quiz Lady" and Netflix's "Rustin" are also on our radar. Our Undisputed Classic will be "Quiz Show." Let's get started!

Segment 1: New Movie Reviews

  1. "Killers of the Flower Moon": Our hosts delve into the historical drama "Killers of the Flower Moon," discussing its storytelling, performances, and its portrayal of an important chapter in history.

  2. "Dicks the Musical": Get ready for some laughter as we explore "Dicks the Musical." Our hosts discuss the humor, music, and overall comedic experience.

  3. "Freelance" and "Five Nights at Freddy's": Join us as we uncover the thrills of "Freelance" and the chills of "Five Nights at Freddy's." We'll discuss the horror elements and the appeal of the video game adaptation.

Segment 2: Undisputed Classic

  • "After Hours" (1985): In our Undisputed Classic segment, we revisit the quirky and dark comedy "After Hours." Our hosts discuss its unique style and memorable characters.

Segment 3: Top Five Scorsese Films

Our hosts share their top five Martin Scorsese films, celebrating the incredible body of work by this legendary director.

Segment 4: A Look Back at 1993

  1. "Nightmare Before Christmas," "Rudy," and "Fatal Instinct": Join us for a nostalgic journey to 1993 as we discuss the enchanting "Nightmare Before Christmas," the inspiring "Rudy," and the comedic "Fatal Instinct."

Segment 5: Sneak Peek - Next Week's Movies & Classics

  • New Movies:

    • "Priscilla"
    • "The Marsh King's Daughter"
    • "What Happens Later"
  • Upcoming Streaming Highlights:

    • "Quiz Lady" on Hulu
    • "Rustin" on Netflix
  • Undisputed Classic - "Quiz Show"

Segment 6: Social Media and Support

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Conclusion: Thank you for joining us for Episode 597 of "Everyone is a Critic." We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the latest films, our exploration of "After Hours," and our discussion of the top five Scorsese films. Don't forget to check out the 1993 movie reviews, and get ready for next week's episode, where we'll explore "Priscilla," "The Marsh King's Daughter," "What Happens Later," and more. Stay connected with us on social media and consider supporting the show. Until next time, happy watching!