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Feb 23, 2023

Untamed Heart (1993) 
Directed by Tony Bill 
Written by Tony Sierchio 
Starring Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez
Caroline (Marisa Tomei), a young waitress who seems to have bad taste in men, is on her way home one night when thugs attempt to rape her. Adam (Christian Slater), the mysterious busboy who works at the same diner, helps fight off the assailants, and she begins a relationship with him -- but not all their fellow Minnesotans are happy for them. Meanwhile, the couple face their own difficulties when Caroline finds about Adam's past, including his unique health condition.
This week, Sean, Amy and M.J talk about the gaslighting romance, Untamed Heart in which a silent weirdo breaks into the home of the woman he's obsessed with so he can watch her sleep. When she's attacked by two other men, our silent weirdo saves her and they begin a romance that includes him continuing to break into her home and watch her sleep and she finds this... romantic. That's 1993 for ya! The silent weirdo also thinks he has a Baboon heart given to him as a child by a Baboon King from whom his father had stolen rubies. So yeah, this movie is f***ing weird. 
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