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Dec 14, 2023

Josh and SAM (1993)
Directed by Billy Weber
Written by Billy Weber
Starring Noah Fleiss, Jacob Tierney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joan Allen, Martha Plympton, Chris Penn
Release Date November 25th, 2023

After their parents divorce, 12-year-old Josh (Jacob Tierney) and 7-year-old Sam (Noah Fleiss) decide to go on an underage road trip. Sick of being ferried between their distant mother and remarried father, Josh and his brother steal a car and set out for Canada. The runaways' journey gets more interesting when they pick up a drifter named Alison (Martha Plimpton). More bizarre yet, Josh has convinced his little brother that he's a "Strategically Altered Mutant."

Josh and SAM was only available for purchase for $14.00. So, we went and found it in full on YouTube. The only thing is, it was up without it's music score and had no music soundtrack. Credit to Rolliniacs on YouTube, we saw Josh and SAM in the most unique and entertaining way.