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Dec 8, 2023

Welcome back to Everyone is a Critic, the podcast where everyone has an opinion about movies! In this episode, we dive into some new releases, revisit a couple of classics, and take a trip down memory lane to 1993. Let's get started!

New Movies:

  1. Dream Scenario: The team delves into the world of "Dream Scenario," exploring the highs and lows of this latest cinematic offering.

  2. Godzilla Minus One: Join the discussion as the hosts share their thoughts on "Godzilla Minus One," breaking down the monster-sized spectacle and its impact.

  3. It's A Wonderful Knife: A unique title calls for a unique review. Find out if "It's A Wonderful Knife" lives up to its intriguing name.

  4. Saltburn: The podcast crew takes a cinematic journey to "Saltburn," sharing their insights on this latest film.

Undisputed Classics:

  1. Curtains: Revisiting the classics, the hosts discuss "Curtains," reflecting on its enduring appeal and influence on the world of cinema.

  2. Black Christmas: Get into the festive spirit with a discussion on the timeless classic "Black Christmas," a holiday horror staple.

1993 Segment:

Josh and Sam: The hosts take a nostalgic trip back to 1993, discussing the hits and misses of the cinematic landscape during that time. Join the conversation as they reminisce about the movies that shaped that year.

Next Week's Episode:

May December and Our Classic is Closer: Get ready for the upcoming episode as the hosts tease what's in store for "May December" and reveal the classic film they'll be discussing, "Closer."

Connect with Us:

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