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Apr 12, 2024

Monkey Man (2024) Directed and written by Dev Patel, "Monkey Man" is a thrilling tale of redemption and revenge set in Mumbai. Dev Patel stars as Anand, a former underworld enforcer seeking a fresh start after serving time in prison. However, when his past catches up with him and threatens his loved ones, Anand is forced to confront his demons in a gripping fight for survival. Sharlto Copley delivers a captivating performance as the relentless antagonist, adding depth to the film's exploration of morality and justice.

The First Omen (2024) Directed by Arkasha Stevenson and written by Tim Smith and Arkasha Stevenson, "The First Omen" offers a chilling prequel to the classic horror franchise. Set in the 15th century, the film follows a young girl named Catherine (Nell Tiger Free) who discovers she is destined for a dark fate. As sinister forces close in around her, Catherine must uncover the truth about her lineage and confront the evil that threatens to consume her. With standout performances from Sonia Braga, Bill Nighy, and Ralph Ineson, "The First Omen" delivers an eerie and atmospheric experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

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