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Jan 29, 2019

Coming Attractions/News:

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile

The Oscar Nominations are out

New Movies

Drugs as a Weapon Against Us - Evidence supports that the CIA manipulated musicians and activists to promote drugs for social control, particularly regarding the Civil Rights and anti-war movements. Some musicians...

Jan 21, 2019

Coming Attractions/News:

John Wick 3
High Life

New Movies
Bigger - The inspirational tale of the grandfathers of fitness as we now know it, Joe and Ben Weider. Facing anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, the brothers beat all odds to build an empire and inspire future generations.

Glass - Security guard...

Jan 16, 2019

Coming Attractions/News:

Velvet Buzzsaw
Lords of Chaos

New Movies

The Upside - A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy man with quadriplegia and an unemployed man with a criminal record who's hired to help him.

A Dog’s Way Home - A dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner.

Replicas - A...

Jan 7, 2019

Coming Attractions/News:

Happy Death Day 2U
Teen Spirit

New Movies

Escape Room - Six strangers find themselves in circumstances beyond their control, and must use their wits to survive.

Bird Box - Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a mother and her two children make a desperate...

Jan 1, 2019

On this episode we talk about our favorite movies of 2018 and 1988. 

Some of the movies discussed:

Bull Durham
A Star is Born
Creed II
First Reformed
If Beale Street Could Talk
Rain Man
Black Panther
Ralph Breaks the Internet
A Simple Favor
Sorry to Bother You
Who Framed Roger...